About US

Although we are headquartered in Spain, our story really begins in the US, when our founder, Jose Luis Rojano was participating in the Boston Marathon in 2012. He discovered that US Marines had a caffeine chewing gum in the survival kits they used for special missions. He was extraordinarily intrigued and sought out to see if the same concept could be applied to other stimulants and supplements.

After conducting several scientific studies, they were able to verify that caffeine consumption through mastication (chewing) is much more effective and instantaneous than consumption through deglutition (swallowing) and digestion (as is customary with most standard supplement products).

This finding, together with an untapped market, created the perfect opportunity to develop a variety of functional chewing gums for the general public.


Wellness Driven

At WUG, we respect everyone’s lifestyles and dietary habits. Whether you are dipping your toe in keto-friendly waters, or are a lifelong vegan, our products are clean, all natural, and inclusive to most dietary restrictions.

Over the years, we have perfected our formulas so that you can have a great tasting gum made with the highest quality ingredients that are also gluten free, lactose free, vegan & keto friendly, with no added sugars.

Scientifically Based

Finding the right supplement is already hard enough, you should not have to wait to see if it actually does the job. After conducting several scientiIc studies it has been proven that effects of supplements and vitamins through mastication can be felt as soon as 5 minutes after consumption, compared to at least 40 minutes it takes for supplements in other forms (pills, powders, etc.) where your digestive system has to be activated.

Growth Focused

Innovation is in our blood. So much so that we created our own product category. WUG is the Irst company in the world to have successfully developed, patented, and marketed a range of all-natural vegan functional supplements in the form of a chewing gum.

However, being the pioneers that we are, it is still not enough for us. We are currently testing and developing a variety of supplements that we hope to bring to you soon.


We have been awarded several awards by various entities due to our continuous innovation and creation of a new product category world-wide:

The Deloitte Generacción Awards: Best Innovative Company (2017)

“Actualidad Economica” Magazine: Best Newcomer (2017) Caixa Bank & Grupo Joly: Innovation Award (2017)

Andalucía Emprende: Creation Category Award (2017)

Caixa Bank and the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Competition: Entrepreneur XXI Award (2017)

  • Sustainably Conscious

    Sustainability is a part of our DNA, we implement it in every stage of our operations and creation process. All the ingredients that make up the base formula of our gum products, come from sustainable natural lands in Mexico and Brazil. Our packaging is completely made from recyclable materials, from cardboard to plastic. We aim to do our part in sustainability efforts and make every contribution we can to have a positive effect on the environment.