Let's get down to business: ORAL MUCOSA ABSORPTION.

Let's get down to business: ORAL MUCOSA ABSORPTION.

There have been various scientific studies that highlight the benefits of oral administration and absorption via the oral mucosa.

The following stand out among them:

  • Because it doesn't go via the digestive system, it doesn't go through the liver's metabolic process. 
  • Has a direct impact on your nutrition. 
  • High permeability 
  • Low enzyme activity 
  • High permeability 

As a result of its quick absorption, the effects are felt right away, making it a convenient alternative to the drawbacks of conventional administration methods. The product is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the oral mucosa, bypassing the digestive system and the hepatic system, and so having a larger absorption capacity than other routes of administration.

Saliva secretion produces a moist environment within the oral cavity. The oral mucosa's high permeability makes absorption easier.

Investment in products that can be administered through the oral mucosa has increased in recent years due to its benefits over other routes of administration which have not shown to be as successful.

Chewing gum has become one of the most sophisticated methods of treating the mouth's mucous membranes. It has several advantages over competing products, including the ability to precisely regulate the dosage, to be retained in the mouth for an extended period, and to be controlled directly by the person using it.

As a result, chewing gum can fulfill hunger and alleviate tension, as well as speed up the brain, improve oral health, and speed up the digestive process.

Patients prefer this treatment because it is non-invasive, quick to work, and more comfortable for them to take. For less money than other products and different methods of administration.

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