WUG Functional Gums: What's in it for you?

WUG Functional Gums: What's in it for you?

WUG are supplements in the form of chewing gum.
"Functional" is a term we use to describe our gums since they are enriched with vitamins and natural plant extracts, which are quickly absorbed through the sublingual route compared to other conventional goods, such as drinks or pills.

WUG functional chewing gum is made of the same ingredients as regular gum. Using a high-quality chewing gum allows for the active compounds to be absorbed more easily, and plant extracts and vitamins are incorporated into the chewing gum to provide its beneficial capabilities.

What are the ingredients and flavors?
The flavors include mint, lemon, pineapple, and red fruits, among others. We're confident that you'll adore each and every one of them. The natural ingredients we use in our gums include pineapple, tomato, guarana, and other fruits and vegetables. Traditional food uses for all of them.

What is the purpose of this?
Each product serves a certain purpose. Whose primary function is to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Gluten-free, lactose-free, and sugar-free are just a few of the health benefits of WUG products (they do contain soy).

A whole pack of ten gums, for example, could have laxative effects due to polyalcohol (Xylitol and Mannitol), which is present in all sugar-free chewing gum.

In any case, allergies (such as soy) and the maximum daily dose are clearly stated on all product labels.

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